Jp's Story

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in late 2009. I didn’t know it then, but I was on a decade-long journey which would end with me in a wheelchair. 

By 2016,  my legs were not working the way they did before. I could no longer walk. I could no longer leave my home. My life seemed bleak. I became extremely depressed.

It took a long time, however, I was over feeling sad for myself. I had to find the strength deep within. I had wasted too much time wallowing. I was about to receive my permanent wheelchair,  blue skies were ahead.

Having driven a car for nearly 2 decades, I knew ride and comfort were paramount. As such, I chose to have air filled tires on my wheelchair, rather than solid, only because air filled tires offered more comfort.

I learned in the first few months, of owning my wheelchair just how involved of a task it was, to have my wheels maintained. I had to convince others to have them filled with air. Inconvenience, delays, uncertainty of air pressure are some issues that compounded the frustrations.

Having driven a car and ridden a bike before, I understood, like any correctly air filled tire, it rolled better. Properly inflated tires lasted longer as they wore more evenly. The wheels being properly inflated on my wheelchair, also meant my shoulders, arms, wrists and back were being protected.  Most importantly, I was using less energy, to get from point  A to point B.

I can empathize with others that are in my situation. I wanted to help others. I believe, the more knowledge of your own wheelchair that you have, the more informed you are. The better prepared you are. Maintaining independence is paramount.

Leaning on my vast technology and business background, I knew I had to find a techworthy idea. 

By January 2021, I knew I had. 

I present the FOBO Wheely App/Bluetooth Sensor.

Wheely - WIQOL is committed to helping those with disabilities find their independence.